Intuitive Insights

Mindfulness and Depression

“The more and more you listen, the more and more you hear;
the more and more you hear, the deeper and deeper your understanding becomes.”

Dilgo Khyenste Rinopoche, The Tibetan book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche

Mindfulness is a way of life. It is about listening and paying attention to the present moment. Mindfulness helps you to take a breath before you fall into a reactive pattern, judgment or negativity. Mindfulness allows you to create new experiences and make better choices. I could not imagine a life without mindfulness. 5 Minutes of daily practice is already enough to start building a healthier relationship with yourself. 5 minutes of exploring and understanding your feelings, your fears and needs. 5 minutes a day of discovering who you are if you listen to yourself and not to others. 5 minutes for spiritual growth and development. A few minutes of Compassion and Gratitude can shift your life.

Yoon Im Kane, an psychotherapist from NY/Maui – just came out with a her new book “The Mindfulness Workbook for Depression”. She does a beautiful job untangling the complexity of both – mindfulness and depression. Definitely a book you want to read back and forth in order to find all the gems she has to offer. She gives you effective tools to address depression from different angles and invites you to design your own daily rituals in order to create more happy moments in your life. Her collection of exercises and affirmations will help you shift your energy to a higher vibration and therefore allow you to look at your life from a different perspective with fresh and curious eyes. You will find more acceptance, compassion, gratitude and joy. You will be able to make better choices for yourself and become the person you want to be. “The mindfulness workbook for depression” makes daily practice exciting and interesting. I highly recommend this book to all types of body workers and massage therapist in order to build a repertoire of effective tools to help guide clients through difficult emotional moments.

Mindfulness and Intuition Medicine go hand in hand and are effective tools to help people heal and become more resilient in emotional aspects of life. Any repetitive thought starts forming an emotion. Unhealthy emotions get denser and turn into physical pain. Anger, sadness, fear, jalousie etc. leave blockages in our energy fields and our physical bodies. Over time those energies create illnesses, pain and suffering. Yoon’s books is a great source to start working with yourself – even if you are not diagnosed with depression. Her exercises work for everyone who wants to learn to be in charge of their thoughts and emotions. My intuitive skills can help you to bring it one step further. Unhealthy emotions, agreements, beliefs and patterns are not always that easy to discover and are often difficult to detangle from each other.

Feel free to reach out to me if you need help in using her book or have any further questions about the practice of mindfulness.

Yoon’s book will be available September 22 from Amazon for $14 – worth every cent.