Horses don’t scream

In nature horses live and travel together as a group and are more likely to survive as a herd. As prey animals they are targeted by predators and it is their instinct to run away from potential threats. It is a natural process that weaker and slower animals will end up at the periphery of the group, fall behind and have less chances to survive. Simply put, horses have learned to ignore pain in order to keep up with the rest of the herd. We as humans have to remember that horses evolved to be excellent in masking pain. Those stoic animals have mastered their ability to hide their vulnerabilities in order to survive. Horses are a magical combination of power, personality and intuition. No wonder we are so fascinated by their presence. They easily sense and feel our energy, they pick up on our emotions and even read our intents. We have to be fully present, leave our dramas at the door and take a deep breath before we interact with them. This is the only way to build […]