Before your first session

Each session starts with a short assessment to decide what area puts the most stress onto your system on the day of your session. Our bodies are very complex and it is not always the area that hurts which needs attention in order to reduce pain.

You will then lie down comfortably clothed or in your undergarment or board shorts, depending on the area which needs to be treated. Most of the techniques will be performed on a massage table in supine (face-up) or side lying. Some organ techniques require bent legs or a seated positions. I usually start with a light touch from the feet up in order to assess restrictions in your whole body. Some problems may need work done inside the mouth in order to release tension in the face or the jaw.

The experiences during a session are as unique and individual as the clients themselves and mostly even differ from session to session. Sometimes you may deeply relax or even fall asleep. Other times you may recall memories or express emotions. Some just remain still during a session and hardly notice anything, others develop an awareness and experience sensations in the areas I address. Active participation in a session often leads to better results.

A reduction of pain or an increase in function may occur immediately after the session or may develop gradually over the next few days. The immediate results vary from person to person -  some clients prefer to sleep for a few hours after a session, while others experience a big increase in energy. The body often needs 3-4 days in order to "digest" the tissue changes and to resume its natural healing process. It is quite usual for improvement to continue after a session.

Preparing for a session

Please come to the session wearing comfortable fitting clothing and under garments.
Please bring your claim number and referral forms.
Bring any medical reports that are relevant to the condition you wish to be treated.
Please refrain from eating a heavy meal within an hour or two of your scheduled session.
Please do not smoke right before the session. Thank you.