Intuitive Energy Medicine

Everything is energy and energy is information. Medical Intuition accesses the connection between mind and body and simply receives the energetic information which our body stores. The electromagnetic energetic field around a person holds our thoughts and emotions, fears and beliefs, our past and our future possibilities. The discovery of limiting patterns in our energetic aspects of life allows us to find physical and emotional freedom and shows us how to connect more easily with the world around us. Intuitive Energy Medicine ventures into the source of the illnesses and can be used as a tool for personal development and to enhance physical health. It is a profound approach to reduce stress and discomfort in our lives and to make a difference in how we perceive ourselves and the challenges in life. I am using my intuitive knowledge in order to provide meaningful insight which help with relief and healing. Each person should live their own life with their own choices.


Remote Healing Sessions

Chronic physical issues often come from non-resolved physical or emotional trauma and will not heal until the therapist and client manage to go to the source and the moment that started a certain complaint in life. This often goes back into the childhood or even further back in time. Intuitive medicine can help us to heal unhealthy belief systems, outdated agreements, vows or curses. It helps us to be in charge of our own thoughts and actions and provides us with the tools to take care of our own bodies and minds. Remote Healing sessions over the phone are via video are an underestimated healing tool. Healing on the energetic level addresses our spiritual issues and leads us towards a more fulfilled and balanced life. It provides us the possibility to life happier and healthier.

Phone/Video sessions: Without previous knowledge of any your struggles or issues I will tune into your energy field and give you information about yourself in the present moment. Information on how you deal with your current life situation and how it affects your energy field, your mind and your body will  be shown in form of symbols and image. We can explore those challenges in more depth and ask for solutions to heal the patterns and belief systems, which are not in alignment with your higher self and affect your emotional and physical wellbeing. I will engage you in your own healing process and support you with energetic homework so you can learn to be in charge of your energy field and facilitate your own healing.