Amy, Maui

“Barbara is an extremely knowledgeable and talented therapist. She really takes the time to listen to your concerns and is able to integrate that with what the tissues of the body are telling her. Her skills are excellent.”

Nicole, Maui

“Barbara Liniger is a gem – brilliant at what she does. I highly recommend her for those tough injuries that others can’t get to the root of. She looks at you as a whole person and provides extremely individualized attention. I was so impressed by how effective her treatment was and by her breadth of knowledge. She has the skill of identifying seemingly disconnected problem areas and working with them, so my entire system can work better together. She’s also the loveliest person to get to know. Over the years, we’ve developed a repertoire I really enjoy, and I am always learning new things from her! Barbara Liniger is next-level healing! I highly recommend her!” 

Aga, Seattle

“Barbara is an amazing healer. I first met her during our family vacation on Maui and I saw her twice in person. It was always an outstanding experience and it left me feel great. Last spring I started remote sessions with Barbara and I was in awe of her skill. She is highly intuitive and she was able to help me tap into deep issues that needed to be addressed in my healing process. I highly recommend Barbara, even if you are experiencing health issues that no one before was able to help you with. Barbara is not only highly skilled in what she does but also very professional.”

Brenda, Maui

“ Just a few words to describe Barbara are, Authentic, Gifted & Integrity…. She has a unique way of sharing her grounded energy with you. I felt safe and cared for and her hands hold wisdom that was able to help move some stagnate energy out of me that lasted hours after our session. She is a Beam of Light.”

Bob, Pleasant Hill

“The hour I spent on Barbara’s treatment table took my relief to an entirely different level. She was able to diagnose a number of internal issues and describe them to me and begin dealing with them. The improvement in the range of motion of my neck has been amazing. There has also been noticeable improvement in daily early-morning sacral discomfort. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to return trips to Maui for future sessions with Barbara Liniger. I highly recommend her services.”

Dennae, Kihei

“After my first visit with Barbara my life changed completely. I found a new job that is in alignment with my spirit. My relationship with my husband has taken a miraculous turn around for the better. I successfully won a long, long, long legal case. My ability to respond instead of react has improved exponentially. I can not thank her enough for her powerful healing abilities.” 

Marsha, Kula

 “ I had a car accident a few months ago, I was experiencing headaches and other pains in my body and I saw Barbara twice before the Covid-19 social distancing started. A few weeks into being at home, I started to feel the same pain and tension so I reached out to Barbra to ask if she could do a remote session. She was very humble about whether it would work and I was willing (and desperate for some relief) so I tried it and it worked! I immediately felt a shift in the pressure in my face, neck and head. I’d highly recommend doing a remote session with Barbra. It helped me so much.” Marsha, Kula

Rukhsanna, Maui

“Once you’re in Barbara’s hands you can lie back, relax and heal! A treatment from this experienced, gifted, healer puts you back on track to health and well-being. Her knowledge of how the body works and heals itself is impressive. Her touch is light but packs a powerful punch. She has treated my entire family, including my kids for many years and I highly recommend her.”

Sharon, Maui

“I went to Barbara for an issue I’d been putting up with for far too long! Her ability to both read my body and empathize as to how that was mentally affecting me, was impressive. I felt safe, seen and treated with (not only) her wealth of knowledge , but compassion the left me wishing I’d seen her month before. Her confidence and kindness are a magical combination, I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Antonio, Maui

“Being accustomed to deep tissue body work I was frankly dubious that a serious neuro-muscular issue that had sidelined me could be addressed with cranio-sacral work. Barbara erased that doubt and the pain, in one session.”